2_teddybearIf you’re in the process of moving or have plans to move into a new home, this is the perfect time to incorporate organizational solutions in children’s spaces that will last for the long term. Even if you don’t have plans to move anytime soon, the first step to decluttering is always by taking a closer look at trouble spots and ways you can create solutions that will resolve an ongoing organizing problem.

We’re opening the door to children’s spaces today by sharing five creative organizing ideas for children’s spaces that can make a big impact.

Choosing Dual Purpose Furniture Pieces

When choosing new furniture for children’s spaces, this is the ideal time to think about long term organizing. While it’s tempting to choose pieces primarily based on color and style, looking for furniture that has dual purpose will maximize space and add additional storage.

Instead of buying a traditional type bed, consider looking at beds with drawers built into the base, or headboards with shelving in order to create dual purposes for both sleep and storage. A storage bench at the end of a bed is another dual purpose furniture piece to consider for a child’s bedroom. As a child grows, the storage part of the the bench can changed and utilized based on the child’s needs as they get older.


Maximize Areas of Wasted Space

One of the easiest ways to incorporate additional storage in a child’s bedroom is by pinpointing areas of wasted space. The most common area of unused space in a bedroom is usually found under the bed.

By incorporating long plastic “under the bed” flat storage bins that a child can easily pull out, these bins can instantly become contained activity stations for dolls, building blocks or storage for extra bedding. When playtime is over, the bins can be easily pushed back under the bed.


Corner areas of bedrooms are another common area with wasted space. Utilizing this area by incorporating multi-purpose furniture pieces, specifically built to go into corners, are a great way to maximize space.


Make it Easy

Let’s face it, most children are tossers. The chances of them putting away toys neatly into a cabinet or closet is pretty slim. Getting creative and incorporating out in the open type storage containers (caddies, baskets and plastic storage tubs) that a child can toss their toys and games, makes clean up time so much easier.

Finding fun and creative ways to store all of that little stuff will encourage kids to help in keeping their space organized because it’s right under their noses and so much easier (and fun) for them. Storage containers like candy jars (plastic for little ones and glass for teens) are a fun way to store items like accessories, nail polishes, game pieces and pretty much anything.


Large barrel size snack tubs are perfect for creatively recycling to toss even more little stuff including small games, playing cards, marbles, mini dolls, etc. The best part of the big clear tubs is when the child needs to look for something, they can see right through the tub.


Organize the Activity

Another quick and easy solution for creatively organizing children’s spaces is to sort toys and items by activity, rather than storing everything together in a toy box or storage bins. Inexpensive plastic totes with carry handles are great for this purpose because the child can also carry the activity/toys to another room. Items are still contained in a tote and ready for quick clean up after playtime.


Storing the plastic carry totes in toy boxes, bins or under the bed when they’re not being used, gives these items a home and the carry handles make it easy to pull out when it’s time to play.


Make it Mobile

Creatively containing the clutter is not just limited to children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Toys, games and activities tend to end up getting spread out throughout the common ares of the home as children play room to room.

Choosing metal storage bins, or small tiered carts with wheels, is another creative way to not only store items in children’s spaces, but also enables the child to take toys and activities throughout the home. When it’s time for clean up, the toys and activities are already with the storage container ready to be wheeled back to where it belongs.





It’s safe to open the door now with these easy to incorporate ideas and tips. Choosing furniture with multi-purposes and dual function, while looking at ways to maximize areas of wasted space is a great first place to begin. Incorporating easy and fun storage bins and containers in children’s spaces will go a long way in encouraging children to help with the organizing and keeping things in order. Staying one step ahead by adding storage bins with wheels will help keep the toys, games and activities from taking over the rest of the home.

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