Parenting comes with numerous challenges, and technology certainly won’t change that, but there are some apps to help put food on the table while keeping your sanity! These gadgets and apps create a simpler, faster, and more efficient workflow so you can be fully present and enjoy moments with your little ones, take time for yourself or continue to successfully manage work from home. Here are 5 ways that technology and smart services are enabling parents to win big!

There are many apps that assist parents with the tedious task of grocery shopping and errands. Grocery shopping in your pajamas? Easy. Simply download select store apps that allow you to shop online, gathering your necessities and putting them into your electronic cart. Many stores now have reserved parking for instant cart shoppers to run in and grab the products they previously hand-selected online. Many predict this form of running errands will soon become common, with stores such as Walmart, King Soopers, Nordstrom and others participating.

Now, you can even have your grocery list delivered straight to your door with companies such as Instacart. Browse thousands of products and produce, place your order with exclusive coupons and receive same-day delivery! Parents can utilize this unique tool to save time from loading the kids into the mini-van and driving all the way to the store. Prices vary between hour-long delivery windows or a yearly subscription plus membership benefits. With groceries delivered in as little as one hour by a personal shopper, how can we not take advantage of this luxury?

Craving your favorite meal from your most frequented restaurant? Online food ordering companies have expanded to connect hungry customers with local restaurants. Grubhub and Uber Eats, for example, partner with restaurants around the nation to deliver food to your doorstep. Diners can search their location for pick-up restaurants or simply choose their most beloved menu item and track each order until arrival. This system helps support local businesses all while you relax from the comfort of your home- or finish folding that third load of laundry for the day.

Customizable meal-kit companies, such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, have become extremely popular for busy lifestyles as well. Weekly, pre-measured packages containing all the ingredients you need are delivered straight to your doorstep in refrigerated containers. The kits include step by step simple recipes, with nutritional information, and high-quality ingredients. Flexible meal plans allow you to choose how many people you are cooking for and how many meals you would like to receive per week. Customers have the options to choose from a variety of recipes one week and pause their meal plan the next week.

Tracking nutrition and counting calories for you and your family can be complicated; fortunately, there are apps and websites to help, including logging your meals, fitness tracking and water consumption. Through these easy to use websites, you can take note of your breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert much like a diary! These tools help you to calculate the recommended daily caloric intake based on your weight, height and exercise level. Many of these databases contain over five million foods or a barcode scanner to input nutritional information fast and efficiently. Websites such as MyFitnessPal and Fitbit present a pie chart at the end of the day with the breakdown of carbs, fats, proteins, and sugars consumed, even vitamins and minerals can be logged and tracked. If you are not happy with your total percentage of fats consumed, these sites provide forums with tips and recipes from other users. Understand what you are feeding your family each meal with these advanced analysis food diaries, offered for iPhone and Android.

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