These five tips will help you get the most out of your tablet. Best of all, these will apply whether you’ve just bought a tablet or have been using one for a while.

1. Embrace The Cloud

Unless you’re hopping on a long plane trip, I recommend embracing the cloud for most of your tablet needs.

The cloud allows you to use Internet services to do nearly everything you’d want to do. This includes handling files, viewing and storing photos, streaming music, watching the latest movie, and even playing video games. Don’t worry about “the cloud,” as many apps work this way nowadays. You won’t ever have to worry about storage space on your tablet with cloud services. Most services have a free tier or come with a reasonable monthly fee. As long as you have a steady Wi-Fi connection for your tablet, cloud services are a great way to boost your tablet’s capabilities.

2. Text and Call on Your Tablet

Your tablet is a communication powerhouse thanks to a variety of apps. Once you find the right apps, your tablet can text, make audio calls, video calls and connect to any social network.

Many tablets can now seamlessly connect to your phone’s messaging services, so you won’t ever have to worry about missing a message. The best part is that many of these communications apps are absolutely free.

3. Do Some App Maintenance

We all go a little app crazy when we first get a tablet. Taking some time to organize and maintain your apps will lead to a much more pleasant experience using your tablet.

An easy way to organize your apps is to put them into folders, grouped by category. If you’re not into folders, know that most tablets have a quick search feature to find the app you’re looking for.

Finally, don’t be a digital hoarder: delete the apps you’re not using. If you want to use that app later, you can always quickly download it again.

4. Update To The Latest Software … Maybe

Your tablet will likely run best with the latest software. You can dig through your settings, search for the latest software update and install it. More often than not, you’ll find your tablet runs smoother and has new features when it’s running the latest software.

The big caveat is that sometimes tablets can’t handle the latest software and it can actually make it a worse experience. My rule of thumb: if your tablet is less than two years old, get the latest software as soon as you can. Otherwise, just stick with what you have.

5. Get A Case

One of the greatest things about a tablet is that it’s portable. That portability comes with a price though, as it’s liable to be dropped and broken.

There’s an easy and cheap solution for this: get a tablet case that protects the screen. There is a plethora of cases available for your tablet. These vary in color, design, thickness and some even include keyboards. Along with protection, a case allows you to personalize your tablet to make it your own.

Getting a case for your tablet is a simple way to have peace of mind that your device is safe no matter if you throw it a backpack or hand it to fussy kid. It’s also much, much cheaper than having to buy a new tablet.

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