Automating your Home

The easiest thing to start automating is your shopping. There are buttons you can place in your house where all you have to do is press them and it will ship specific items to you automatically. You can also sign up for a service and do your grocery shopping online. They will either deliver your items to your house or have it all set for you to come pick up at your local grocery store. You will save so much time that you are going to want to keep going with automating your home!

From shopping, you’ll probably want to get your home’s temperature dialed in. There are several options of smart thermostats that you can control from your phone. Trust me, in Utah, there have been many mornings I have been lying cozy in my bed, not wanting to get out to greet the vast frozen wasteland that is my downstairs. I can crank up the heat right from my bed, and mosey on downstairs when the temperature is just right! This is also perfect when you are gone all day, or even gone on a long vacation, and want to get the heat (or the AC) turned on before you enter your house. Again, you can automate the temperature to change as you pass certain GPS points with your phone, or even have it turn on as soon as you leave your office.

Next, you can start dialing in your kitchen! Smart appliances allow you to start something cooking when you are away from home so that it’s done exactly when you walk in the door. This can also be helpful if your errands run a little overtime and you need to start your meal cooking NOW. Just pop open the app and start! This goes for your morning coffee as well! Start that cup a-brewin’ as soon as you dismiss your morning wake-up alarm.

There’s no stopping you now, so it’s time to dial in your home entertainment! I don’t care who you are… there is no reason for you to be rockin’ multiple remote controls in this day and age. A universal remote is becoming essential technology in your home. When you have several different components attached to your TV, the last thing you want to do is leave a list for the babysitter on how to watch something. It should be as simple as pressing “watch a movie” and bam, everything is set for you to watch a movie!

Water shortage is becoming a phrase that everyone is familiar with, and there is nothing I hate to see more than someone’s sprinklers going while it’s raining! A smart sprinkler system can check the weather for you and turn off your sprinklers when the forecast is rain. Being able to control my sprinklers from my phone or computer is SO much easier than trying to figure out that darn box that comes with it. I swear every year I have to re-figure out how to set up my sprinklers!

Most of these things will work with equipment already in your home. If you have a regular doorbell, just replace the part by the door and use the internal wiring that is already in place. Your grocery list is right in front of you, just make it so much easier to get it to your house! It’s really so easy to start making your home super smart. Soon, you will be wondering how you ever lived without a smart home!

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Stephen Bennett

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