Exercising your creativity can be beneficial in many ways. Besides being fun, there’s growing evidence that there are health benefits connected to creativity. Here are some easy ways that modern technology can help you embrace your creative side, and connect with like-minded creative individuals.

Connect with Others

In movies and TV, creative people are often depicted as tortured artists who lock themselves in rooms until their genius work is done. That’s rarely the case in the real world. In fact, collaborating with others can boost your creativity. Thanks to technology and the Internet, it’s easier than ever to connect with people with similar interests.

There are digital communities built around almost every single topic, allowing you the opportunity to share your artwork, videos, writings, photographs, and music with others. Besides giving you a way to share your own creative thinking, these platforms are a fun way to get inspired or even get feedback.

Nowadays, you can find an online community focused on even the most obscure interests. Want to get better at making salads while learning from other salad-eaters? There’s a site for you. There’s a strong online community for knitters and crochet enthusiasts, places for gearheads to learn about the latest cars, and much, much more. If you’re interested in a creative endeavor, there are probably thousands – if not millions – of others you can relate with through apps or websites.

Up Your Photography Game

I was recently digging through my parents’ photo albums and was amazed to see a physical representation of stories I’d often heard. There was just one problem: many of them were truly terrible photos.

Thanks to the rise of smartphones, everybody has become a photographer. In fact, researchers expect there to be at least 1.2 trillion digital photos taken in 2017. For context, that number is about double the amount of digital photos taken in 2013. The numbers sound staggering, but it makes intuitive sense. It’s now second nature to whip out your phone and snap pictures whenever anything even remotely interesting happens.

Since we’re all documenting these moments in our lives, we might as well put some effort into making these photos as beautiful as possible. You don’t have to spend thousands on cameras to become a good photographer. In fact, most modern smartphones will take great photographs that you can print. You just need to get to know the basics – learning how to frame a shot, the role of light, and what makes a good photograph.

The great news is that all of this information is available at your fingertips, often for free. Just do a search for “basics of photography” on your favorite video site and you’ll find world-class photographers explaining the fundamentals in easy-to-understand steps. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can learn the basics from watching free online videos. Apply that insight to your everyday photography and you’ll notice the difference.

Continue to Learn

I’ve been writing for a long time and I still get horrible writer’s block. That empty page and I have battled more times than I care to admit, but I’ve found that continuing to learn about new topics helps me unlock my creativity.

Some of my biggest creative revelations haven’t come while thinking about a problem – they’ve come while listening to a podcast or watching an interesting documentary. Constant learning about unrelated topics allows you to approach your creative efforts from a new perspective.

Sometimes, that shift in perspective can also help you approach other problems at work or in your life.

You can learn about a variety of creative topics through many different formats – articles, videos, or even one-on-one lessons. Apps and websites offer high-quality learning materials you can use from the comfort of your home without paying a single cent.

Remember that your creative side doesn’t have to be focused on fine arts or in the so-called “creative fields.” If diagramming dream football plays gets your creative juices flowing, dive into it. With the help of modern technology, you have connection to a wealth of knowledge to explore new topics that can help you continue learning and revive your creativity.

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