Your dorm or apartment is way across campus, and you have classes all day. When walking around school, you pretty much live out of your backpack. This is why it should be stocked full of the items you will need to get you through your classes and your day. We are going to assume that you already don’t leave home without your smartphone, and that a laptop is already packed away in your backpack.

1. A backup battery – Power is essential for the most important things in your backpack, and running out of power in the middle of the day can put a real damper on it! The battery will allow you to recharge without missing a step. Plug your phone into the power bank and keep on your merry way with enough juice to last until you make it home that night.

2. A power strip – When even your power bank fails you, you can instantly become everyone’s best friend in the student center by having a power strip on hand. Allowing multiple people to use the few coveted outlets will not only create some grateful people, but you could make some lifelong friends by chatting with strangers over a shared power strip. And, if all the outlets are already taken, you can find the cutest person in the room and ask them to share by using your power strip!

3. Bluetooth headphones – No one wants to walk around with cords all over to trip them up. Using wireless headphones can free you up to listen to music, podcasts or even replays of lectures without having to be strapped to your backpack. Some are even so small that you can’t tell you are wearing them. Sure, you may LOOK like you are just dancing to the tunes in your head like a crazy person, but only you will know the true source of the skip in your step.

4. USB drive – When it comes to writing papers, or editing photos or manipulating a presentation, your laptop is going to get the job done. But what happens when you need to pull up that file on a school computer to print it out, or share it with your group or give it to your professor to show on the projector? Sometimes you need portable storage, and a small USB drive in your backpack will help you get that job done. It’s especially helpful if you need to share a large document. Trying to share that via email or over the Internet can be a chore, but it’s super easy to just stick it on the USB drive and then hand it over.

5. A pen or stylus – I love that laptops can act as tablets now, with their touch screens and keyboards that can come off or flip around. If you need to take notes in the form of any kind of diagram, it’s almost impossible to type it out and still convey the message the professor is trying to teach. There is nothing like the feeling of actually writing with a pen that can compare to typing, but then you run the risk of losing the paper! Using a stylus (as opposed to trying to make it happen with your finger) is a much better option. Everyone is going to want to study with you once they see how detailed your notes are!

With these five things in your backpack, you will no doubt be the most in-demand study partner on campus.

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Sarah Kimmel

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Sarah Kimmel

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