Arranging your living room and having your furniture and snacks placed just-so makes a world of difference when watching the game with friends. Below are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re optimizing your living room’s energy for ultimate football-viewing pleasure.

Keep your living room clutter-free and organized

Making sure your living room is free of clutter is important to having a nice, relaxing environment. You’ll want to have an organization system for all of your game-day items. This means having your snack stations squared away and making sure the chips and dip are in their own place. You’ll also want to make sure that the drinks are in their own cooler. Organizing your living room in order to have a nice, open and friendly feel to it is necessary for a positive, clutter-free environment.

Another important part of feng shui has to do with your room’s chi flow, or water flow. “Chi” here means your room’s “universal energy.” Think of what the water flow would be like if water starting coming into your living room through the main doorway.

Arrange your furniture to have enough breathing room

A big part of feng shui is to have your furniture arranged in a way that feels open and easily navigable for your guests. Your guests should be able to walk freely and easily throughout your living room and have easy access to ample seating. Be sure to have enough space between your couch, coffee table and television.

Have your TV and sound system ready to go

Having a TV with a clear picture (HD is great if available) and a reliable sound system are all you need. Being able to clearly hear the play calls, the snaps, the crunch of the hits, the whistles and the cheers make watching the game much more fun. Learn how to wall-mount your TV.

Have furniture that’s versatile

It’s good to have ottomans that can be used as tables or footrests with storage capabilities, so you can store some of your semi-breakables in them. That way you don’t have to worry if things start to get rowdy.


The usual staples are: nachos, buffalo wings, chips and dip, celery and carrots and some soda or an adult beverage. If you want to serve some non-traditional snacks instead of the tried-and-true favorites, here are some other suggestions: rosemary roasted almonds, creole deviled eggs, grilled and stuffed jalapeños, pistachio and pine nut brittle and coconut chicken fingers. All of these can add a nice alternative to your standard snack options. Don’t feel married to these; there is a wealth of other recipes and suggestions on the Internet.

Have fun

Positive energy, good friends and good food are all essential for enjoying the game. Invite your buds over, cook your favorite meal, assemble your best snacks and enjoy the game.

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