Wrap Them

Always wrap with the natural curve of the wire. Doing otherwise can create kinks and shorten its life span. One of the most effective methods is the over/under method – the same method that many stagehands use to quickly wrap or unwrap cables at a moment’s notice.


Wrapping Headphones

To keep headphones secure and tangle-free, use the winding method. To do this, fold the headphone cable in half so that the input and both buds are on the same end. Stick your index finger in the loop at the bottom, then wind in a clockwise motion. Fold it in half again (helps to grasp the middle part with your teeth) then wind it back counterclockwise (it should start to do this automatically) and stick the buds through the top loop.

Tip: One way to prevent knots and kinks in thinner wires is to visit a crafts store and pick up some small beads to thread onto the wire. This gives it some strength. Alternatively, you can take a spring from the inside of a pen and slide it up the wire for better support.

Bind Them

For longer wires you want to keep organized, but won’t necessarily be needing anytime soon, take some tape and wrap it around your coiled cable so that the sticky side is facing up. Then wrap another piece of tape sticky side down on top of that, so that the wire doesn’t get any tape residue on it. This can also be done with twist ties, binder clips, velcro or zip ties.



Binding Computer Wires

If you work with a laptop, chances are you’re unplugging and plugging in a number of wires throughout the day. Be it your computer charger, printer cable, speaker input or ethernet cable, you can prevent all of them from falling behind your desk with the use of binder clips. Just fasten them to the edge of your desk and feed the wires up through both metal circles of the clips to keep them organized and readily available.


Labeling Entertainment Wires

One of the more frustrating things about having a jumbled nest of wires behind your computer stand or entertainment center is not knowing which wire belongs to which device. You can alleviate this problem by writing labels on bread clips with a permanent marker, then hooking them around the base of each plug-in. Masking tape also works well for this.


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