I have a secret: I am an electronics hoarder. Part of it is because of my job and my blog. Part of it is because I just really love technology. Testing out the latest and greatest always gets me excited. Friends who visit my home call my office an electronics store. And while it does look this way and I love that it does, I know that I don’t need all of this stuff. I am slowly working on purging. I love passing items that I no longer need on to family and friends who appreciate them. And sometimes I sell items to finance vacations. Because of my job, slimming down my collection of electronics is a constant work in progress. To further complicate things, I got married about six months ago. I am working on making space so that my husband can have his own office. We need to keep the peace by having separate office spaces.

Because of all of the additional electronics coming into the house, I can already feel my energy bill rising. I need to purge, and soon. This is something that has been on my list for a long time anyway, so there is no time like the present. Below are a few great ways to purge electronics from your home.

Sell Items in Good Condition

As consumers look to outfit their tweens, teens and spouses with new laptops, smartphones and tablets, many of them look to purchase used items to save money. You can sell items yourself by posting them on your blog or Facebook page, or use any of the popular services that always bring a lot of eyes to your items.

Donate Electronics to a Charity, School or Shelter

There are many schools, shelters or even after-school centers out there that don’t have enough computers to support the users that they handle from day to day. If you have even one slightly used computer to donate, you can make a huge difference in the success of the center. Check with friends, churches or online to find shelters near you which accept donations. Be sure to request a receipt for tax purposes.

Build a Media Center

This is one of my favorite things to do with a computer that is no longer being used. Sure, there are plenty of streaming devices out there these days, but they don’t all do everything. However, hooking up a computer to your family-room television can provide great fun for the whole family. This gives you a way to not only stream online media, but photos, home movies and more. And you can browse the Internet and play games on the big screen right from the comfort of your couch.

Set Up a Workstation for Your Kids

I envy parents who are able to share computers with their kids. OK – no I don’t. I understand that not all families have more than one computer. I know that we are blessed. Because of my job I have been able to give each of my kids a laptop to use. With four kids, this is truly a must! There is no fighting over computer time. When all of the kids have homework to do they can each be in their own space and on their computers at the same time. Before you pass a used computer on to your kids, be sure to do your homework by removing all of your own files, installing parental controls and virus protection, and giving your kids a lesson in taking care of their computer.

Since you never know when you may need to sell or pass on your electronics, it is important to keep them in pristine condition. I keep all boxes and manuals for items that I know that I will likely upgrade. Keeping your equipment in good condition is important if you want to get top dollar for your items. No matter what you have, chances are there is someone who can make use of it. If not, make sure to dispose of your electronics safely.

Not only will purging electronics from my office make room for my husband, it will make my office a lot cleaner! With more space to work with I will have more room to organize. And this means that I can get more work done.

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Kris McDonald

Kris McDonald is a Chicago-area mom to 2 sets of twins and the Digital Lifestyle Expert behind the blog, LittleTechGirl.com. She utilizes her strong background in IT to share her obsession with technology, photography, travel, and social media through tips, tricks, videos, and reviews. She is often interviewed for tech pieces on TV, online, and in print. She was voted one of 20 Black Women to follow on Twitter by Essence Magazine, and a Top 25 Tech Mom by PopSugar’s Circle of Moms. You can find her from day to day on Twitter, Facebook, Periscope, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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