Tech is making kitchens more futuristic than ever.

The Refrigerator

Before 1911: We had iceboxes to provide cool storage to preserve food. Each had a top box for ice and a bottom box where cold air circulated into the storage compartment. Regular visits from the iceman were needed.

Now: You can operate a refrigerator with your smartphone to control temperatures and keep inventory. Some can even order pizza for you.

The Gas Stove

Before 1834: We used wood or coal stoves, which took a lot of prep time and often caused irregular heating and cooking.

Now: There’s no need to stay home to cook. With integrated tablet control panels, we can control flames from anywhere with WiFi. Comes with an automatic safety shut off, of course.

The Oven

Before 1890: Ovens were just open fires, plain and simple.

Now: Because there’s no time to waste, you can now cook two completely different meals in the same oven using dual-heat settings.

The Microwave Oven

Before 1946: Microwaves weren’t widely available to consumers. In fact, the very first microwave was invented by accident when radioactive technology melted a chocolate bar.

Now: Most households have a microwave or two. You don’t even have to enter a cooking time; just scan a barcode and put your food in.

The Dishwasher

1886: Started out as ridiculously loud machines cranked by hand or a pulley system.

Now: 131 years later, new machines are quiet, water and energy efficient. Best of all? There’s no hand cranking required.

The Coffee Maker

Before 1908: We saw the very first coffee machines. The result? Bitter coffee and painfully slow brewing times.

Now: Just when you thought coffee couldn't get any better, now we have the ability to make stronger, smoother coffee with pots that sync to WiFi and phone apps that monitor your sleep.

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