Say Goodbye To Wires

One of the best things about integrating technology into home design is getting rid of those messy wires. All of your entertainment needs around the house can be delivered with no (or fewer) wires. Of course, this is only possible with a strong WiFi network, so make sure you get a strong WiFi signal in all the necessary rooms in your house, or perhaps invest in a WiFi range extender, if needed.

Once your WiFi network is rock solid, you can start removing the wires. The TV is the main culprit and most modern television services boxes can now connect to your TV wirelessly. If you don’t have cable but still watch streaming video services, you can purchase a media box to connect to your TV. Most of these will allow you to use a smartphone or tablet as a remote, too.

I love having my house filled with music but don’t want to have to manually wire up each room. There’s a simple solution for this: wireless speakers.

You can set these up to connect to your TV for a rich media experience or even have a portable one to bring to whatever room you want audio in. These connect to your phone, computer, tablet or TV through Bluetooth, and can even play music from online streaming services.

Smaller, battery-powered speakers are more portable but often don’t get too loud. Larger wireless speakers can provide amazing sound but won’t be as portable. Wireless speakers range in price (literally from $10-$1,000), so figure out what your audio needs are going to be before purchasing.

Tech for Security

An important part of any home in ensuring it’s secure and, thankfully, there are tech products that make this easier and more aesthetically pleasing than ever.

The door is the first thing most think about when it comes to home security but I’d bet you’re still using the same lock-and-key system that’s been around for years and years. Smart locks offer proven security while also bringing your lock into the modern ages.

Smart locks connect to your WiFi to enable a host of nifty features, including the ability to unlock your door via your phone. This means you could approach your door with groceries in both hands and it can automatically unlock once it senses your phone via Bluetooth. Don’t worry about your phone dying and not being able to get in because smart locks have the manual unlocking process as a fallback.

Smart locks also enable you to give people one-time access to your home without having to give them a key. This could come in handy if you want to remotely let in a cleaning service, delivery person or a guest.

For full peace of mind, you can also now get 24/7 live video of your home streamed to your phone with very little setup and reasonable costs. The setup for video cameras specifically built for home monitoring now involves plugging it in, connecting to WiFi and then configuring from a smartphone app. These cameras and apps provide live access to what’s going on in your home, and the best ones will even provide alerts of unusual activity. If you want video archives and advanced features, be prepared to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Jazzing Up The Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of the universe for many families. Yet, it’s often filled with the least advanced technology. There are a couple additions that could make a major difference.

One simple tech addition that makes a world of difference is a touchless faucet. You may have bad experiences with touchless faucets at public venues but know that home versions are much better and quite convenient.

How many times have you needed to use your faucet when your hands are dirty? A touchless faucet gives you easy access to water without creating a mess. It’s a small thing but you’d be surprised at how useful this little convenience can be.

Want an on-demand cooking instructor in your kitchen? Well, just buy a tablet that’s dedicated for the kitchen and you’re all set. A decent tablet can cost as little as $50 nowadays and these will take a kitchen-level beating. Importantly, these give you access to millions of recipes and instructional videos through a browser. We live in an amazing time where a free instructional video for nearly any recipe or cooking technique is just a few taps away.

The best part about integrating technology into home design is that you can take a piecemeal approach. If you did just one of the suggestions in this article, I’m confident you’d immediately see the benefits.

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