Prepare in advance. Prior to your move, the best course of action is early preparation. In the months leading up to the big day, there are measures you can take to get ahead of the game and alleviate worry.

Purge unnecessary belongings. If, in the time you’ve lived in your current home, there are still boxes you haven’t unpacked, consider getting rid of them. Clothing that is rarely worn, toys your children no longer play with or items you simply keep for sentimental purposes can go as well. Give these items to friends, donate to a non-profit, or sell them at a garage sale or online.

Clean what you’ve neglected. Nervous about housing inspections? Undergo a deep clean so you aren’t scrubbing with all your might the night before you leave. Scrub your refrigerator and your oven, scour those bath tiles, and sweep your garage, so that labor is less intense when the time actually comes.

Notify friends. Consider reaching out to a friend or neighbor for help. Having a game plan of who will take what belongings, watch children or pets, or will loan supplies will help while you transition.

Take care of you. Moving can be all-consuming, but don’t forget to take breaks and pamper yourself. If you are rested and recharged, you’ll feel better and handle whatever comes at you like a champion.

Exercise. It’s incredible what a simple walk around the block can do to alleviate stress. Look into fitness classes at your local gym, do some bodyweight exercises in between cleaning or turn on music and take a dance break.

Massage. During tough times, muscles tense up and can form uncomfortable knots. Treat yourself to a massage (or two) during your move. Once that tension melts away, you’ll be glad you did!

Breathing. Learn some deep-breathing techniques. Taking ten deep breaths a day can calm you and make you more aware of the mind-body connection. You may need this tactic on moving day.

Socialize. Don’t be all work and no play! Take a coffee break with friends or watch a movie with your spouse. Let’s be honest, you’ve earned it!

On moving day. The day has finally arrived! You are ready to say “goodbye” to your belongings as you (or the movers) pack, load and transport to your new home. Here’s how you can confidently survive the day:

  • Lock away important belongings.If you have items that you’d like to transport, keep them locked in a separate room or in your car. This can be anything from important documents to something special like a baby book.
  • Provide refreshments. This isn’t a “have to” but is highly recommended. Beverages like coffee and water, or quick grab-and-go items like fruit and breads will be appreciated by the people helping you move. Happy movers can equate to a happier you.
  • Put kids and pets elsewhere.Remember that preparation step above? The last thing you need to worry about is children crying because their toys are being boxed up, or your dog running off as the movers come in and out. Minimize who is in your house to reduce loose ends.
  • Don’t try to control everything.There is no way to be in multiple places at once, and no way for you to watch every item going into every box if you have hired movers, or have friends and family helping. Relax, take deep breaths, stretch and try to keep your sense of humor. The move will happen and you will get through it. If you are moving yourself just know that things won’t always go as planned and allow yourself time to relax in-between packing.

Once all is packed and your house is empty and echoing from the lack of furniture, pat yourself on the back! Now is the time to celebrate! Go out for a special meal, see a movie, or enjoy some drinks with friends. The wheels have been set in motion and all you can do at this point is enjoy your current home while you can. Happy moving!

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