Whether you’re setting up your media center after a move or simply trying to declutter and restore order to your existing media center, here are some quick and easy organizing shortcuts that will make a big impact in just a little time.


Corral Cords

One of the main trouble spots when it comes to media centers is the jumble of cords that loop around, get knotted, and take up space. A simple solution for corralling cords is to gather and secure them using cable ties.


Once cords are secured with cable ties, you have an easy way to hang the cords behind a component on a plastic adhesive hook, on the inside of a door, on the back of the media center, or even on the wall. This is a great way to secure the cords, hide them away, and free up shelf space.

If your media center isn’t equipped with built-in electrical outlets, you’re probably running cords from each component to the closest wall outlets. To reduce this visual clutter, mount a power strip in the back of the media center in a hidden spot. Then, you only have one main cord running to the power source.

Stay Out in the Open

Media centers can get cluttered so easily because without good organizing solutions, it’s harder for everyone in the family to find what they need, and things tend to get tossed aside during the search.

By incorporating large, clear storage containers like clear cookie jars or see-through canisters in your media center, smaller items such as playing cards, games, remote controls, and hardware components have homes and are easy to spot and reach when needed.


Maximize the Space

Take advantage of your media center’s moving parts, and look for ways to make the most of the space available. Incorporating storage containers that perfectly fit and fill a space helps maximize every square inch, creates additional areas for storage, and reduces clutter.

If your media center has adjustable shelves, for example, move one up a bit to fit a basket underneath, and use it to corral commonly used items for easier access.


For areas in the media center with narrow shelves, consider using trays to store small, daily-use items. Trays can be pulled out easily when needed and then slid back in after use.

Get Creative with Baskets and Bins

Baskets and storage bins are a pretty and functional way to create out-in-the-open storage solutions that still provide quick access. In a media center, you can use baskets and bins to hold games, books, hardware, DVDs, and more. Choose containers that fit both the media center shelf and the items you plan to store inside.


If your media center is narrow or you can’t find the right-size basket or bin, turn what you have on its side. Simply reorienting a container can give you extra storage and organizing opportunities.

Take It Elsewhere

Finally, take a look at your media center and see what might be better housed elsewhere. Can you move those board games, photo albums, or rarely watched DVDs to a nearby storage ottoman, coffee table, or side table? The more items you can relocate, the less you have to organize and declutter in your media center.


Your media center can be the organizing workhorse it was designed to be. By keeping items out in the open, maximizing shelving and space available, and getting a little creative with storage baskets and bins, you can get and keep your media center clutter free.

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