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Quality Infrastructure

If the modem you lease (or purchased) from the carrier does not provide sufficient wireless coverage, you can purchase a second high-quality wireless router to place behind your modem. These routers tend to have a better radio in it, but be sure to still use the modem provided by the carrier.


Once you have all the infrastructure purchased, the next thing you need to worry about is WHERE all of the equipment will go. The placement of these devices could make or break the speed of your home’s network. Some things to consider are…

  • Make sure your wireless router is high above the ground. Wireless signals don’t want to be run straight into the ground! You want the signal to stretch as far as it can see, it’s the same reason I drive a large car… I like to see the entire road
  • Keep it away from other electronics. I know I’m going to break this rule in my next section, but the further away from other electronics your router can be, the better your signal will be. All electronic devices emit signals, and you don’t want any of them interfering with your wireless network.
  • Put it in a central location. If you are going to stick your router right next to a window, or a wall, you are throwing about half your signal away, since it will be transmitting away from where you want it to go. Going back to the height requirement, the more of your house the router can see, the better your signal will be throughout.

So, when they are installing your internet, make sure you know exactly where you want it to come into the house for optimal performance!

Keep it Up to Date

Even though the equipment carriers provide is fully tested on their entire network to ensure it works, you should keep the devices themselves current with firmware updates. Most carriers automatically push through software updates, so you usually don’t have to worry about handling those yourself or purchasing new equipment. However, it is always a good idea to register any secondary, store-bought equipment for notifications regarding available updates.

Share the Load

Some devices can be plugged directly into the router (this is the one where I break my rule of no other electronics). I keep my media server and gaming server plugged directly in, along with our security system. Keeping several items that don’t need everyday access plugged into the router helps to keep the wireless network clear for the things you REALLY want to do with it… like binge watch your latest TV obsession.

Even if you aren’t moving into your new place now, maybe there are a few things in here you could do to help improve your home wireless network today!


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