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Butter: Need to melt some butter? Barcode-scanning microwaves make it so you never have to guess how long it will take. Just scan the product barcode and it will set the timer for you.

Eggs: Covered in yolk? There’s now an easier, faster way to clean up with new kitchen faucets that sense and react to your movements. Just wave your hands under them and water will flow.

Flour/Sugar: No more eyeballing it. Smart measuring cups give spot-on readings by weighing the contents inside and displaying the measurement on the cup’s LCD screen.

Fluffy Cake Interior: Who doesn’t love a time saver? Now you can bake dinner and dessert at the same time with voice-activated, dual-setting ovens that reach different temperatures at the same time.

Smart Refrigerator: Get a fridge that knows what you need when you need it. With barcode-scanning tech your fridge knows what’s stocked and what goes out of it, making compiling a grocery list easy.

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