Moving can be a daunting task with so much to plan and organize. So, how do you stay organized? What do you do when you have a time gap between properties or need temporary housing? These are common concerns during the moving process.

For example, maybe you have two months to wait before taking possession of your new home. The good news is that leaves a lot of time to plan ahead, but who wants to live surrounded by boxes, or rush in the final weekends to get everything out the door, or worse, waste time while moving belongings with multiple trips?

Shipping Containers

A worthwhile option is to consider renting a shipping container from a local storage company. This is a super-convenient option because the cost should already include container drop-off at your current location as well as moving it to your new home, and on a pre-determined date. As an added bonus, there is also the option of moving it to a temporary home between moves.

This makes sense if you are staying with family or renting for a short period of time; you can have your belongings with you. You could even choose to have the shipping container stored off-site in a secure location until you need it. Simply live with the necessities until you’re ready to unpack at your new home.

Renting a container is also relatively affordable when paying by the month. Then you can decide where, when and how many locations to move your container to. However, remember that each move will have a separate fee. Make sure to contact storage-container companies in your area to get a quote before you decide, as each company could vary widely in its available rates.

There are many advantages to using a storage container. Being able to leisurely pack all of your belongings is heavenly! Taking just a little time each day to pack a few boxes will keep your home clean for showings and make the task less daunting. Try starting with the least-needed items first and moving on to the necessary items right before the move. It is a lot easier to find the time to pack – even while caring for young children – when you are not so pressured to pack everything at once.

This extra packing time also allows for organizing and labeling boxes very clearly. Since not every house is the same, you can consider labeling according to use and room for easier unpacking at your new home.

From there, moving day is as easy as arranging a pickup time and driving over to your new home to meet the shipping-container delivery. Moving in is a snap, as you can continue to rent out the container for as long as it takes to unpack.

Designate Space in Your Home

If a shipping container is not an option for you, a little planning can go a long way in preparing for your next move. Think ahead and borrow or purchase all of your supplies in advance. Having the right items on hand makes everything move more smoothly.

Organize your home and pack up anything you don’t need into boxes and make sure you label things accordingly. I like to write the contents of each box on the top and sides for easy access. Designate a room – or maybe even your garage if you have one – as your storage location. This keeps life functioning while living through your move.

Now you are prepared for moving day! This makes renting a moving truck or van easy. And with the help of a few family members or friends, you can have your organized storage compartment moved into the moving vehicle and transported to your new home in one trip!

Storing items and keeping organized between moves makes adjusting to your new home that much easier. A little planning will get you off to the best start possible. Enjoy your new home!

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