It’s simple to throw a good party: add friends and family, food and drinks and then sprinkle in some music and games. Throwing a great party can take a bit more effort, though. Thankfully, technology can help you amp up your next party.

Take the Stress Out of Party Planning

Most of us love attending a party, but feel like the actual planning of a party can be very stressful. My fiancée and I are experiencing that feeling right now as we’re prepping for our upcoming wedding. But there are a plethora of apps and services that are taking the stress out of party planning.

For event planning and invites, you can lean on a social network. Since you’re already connected as friends online, it makes it simple to send an invite – no need to worry about tracking down physical contact information. Be sure to apply privacy options so your non-invited friends won’t see you’re planning a rager.

One fun tip I’ve used for my last few get-togethers: on your invite, ask guests to recommend a song they’d like to hear during the party. From there, you can put together custom playlists in just a few minutes using the streaming music services. I’ve found people tend to have a better time when they enjoy the music. Who knows, you may even have a dance party break out.

Don’t Sweat the Supplies

Run out of drinks? Did somebody drop the birthday cake? Misplace the dice for your party board game? Running out of supplies doesn’t have to ruin your party thanks to a crop of on-demand apps.

In most major cities, you can use on-demand delivery apps to get food, drinks, desserts or nearly any item you can get at a local convenience store. These items do come with an additional delivery fee on top of the original cost, but the convenience can be a lifesaver.

It’s still a good idea to prepare for your guests, but knowing that more supplies are just a few taps away will help hosts enjoy their own parties a bit more.

The benefits of on-demand apps don’t stop when the party ends. Ride-sharing apps are the perfect way to ensure your guests get home safely.

Make Your Party Picture Perfect

Your guests will most likely snap photos throughout the event, but there’s still something magical about physical party photos. Thanks to a new crop of portable photo printers, it’s easier than ever to add a photo booth to your next party.

A high-quality portable photo printer that connects wirelessly to smartphones. Smart phones can be had for less than $150. The photo paper ranges in costs based on how many you buy, but most should cost about 50 cents per sheet. This investment is well worth it because the physical keepsake can bring joy to your guests during the party and for years to come.

You can also kick it up a notch by building your own photo booth. All you need is a phone or tablet, a tripod and a photo booth app that will countdown and even take photo-strip style photos. You can get elaborate with your photo booth, but just some old picture frames, backdrop and props from the dollar store can lead to a great time.

Hopefully, these tech tips will help make sure your next housewarming, birthday party, holiday get-together or any other celebration is an absolute blast.

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