Bungalows are one to two-story homes with low-pitched gabled roofs and small covered porches at the entry of the house.

Bungalows are known to have a typically large central living area with the rest of the rooms adjacent to the living space.

The rooms adjacent to the living room tend to be on the smaller side as opposed to large open floor concepts that are popular in modern housing.

California Style

Rustic Exteriors

California-style exteriors tend to consist of wood shingle, horizontal siding and stucco exteriors. This creates a rustic, charming look.

Spacious Front Porches

Bungalows tend to have spacious, asymmetrical L-shaped porches. These are perfect for people who love to have outdoor gatherings and want to make a subtle statement about their entryway.



Full / Partial-Width Porches Framed by Tapered Columns

Craftsman Bungalows have porches that can be identified by tapered columns that support deep, overhanging front porches. These tapered columns help provide a regal, refined look.

Overhanging Eaves

Wide, overhanging eaves with exposed rafters give the Craftsman Bungalow a sense of solid, thoughtful construction.

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