Ranch homes are unassuming and simple in their appearance. Most of them have long pitched roofs with a close-to-the-ground profile. Ranches also utilize minimal use of interior and exterior decorations, giving them a refined yet simple look. Because of their close-to-the-ground profile and simple shapes, they are great for easy indoor, outdoor living.

Ranch houses are easy to maintain because all the rooms are on one level. This means that chores like exterior painting, roof repair, and even gutter cleaning can all be done with a simple stepladder.

Since the entire house is on one level, it has a larger roof area. This allows the possibility of more heat escaping in the winter.

Spanish-Style Ranch

Rounded Windows / Archways

Most Ranches have graceful, rounded windows and archways. This gives them a very open and inviting feeling – perfect for the avid party host.

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