Tudors have steep pitched roofs, embellished, rounded doorways and patterned brick or stone walls. They also usually have narrow windows and large stone chimneys.

Tudors are very dramatic and elegant in appearance. The stucco and wood trim, roof gables and large stone chimneys create a very romantic façade.

Sometimes stucco surfaces of Tudors can consist of thin layers of metal lath and cement that often deteriorates over a short amount of time. Frequent remodelling could pose a problem.



Patterned Brick / Stone Walls

Tudor homes are made from patterned brick with decorative half timbers exposed on the exterior and interior of the home. The walls can give these homes a dramatic appearance and can cause them to look much larger than they actually are.


Cotswold Cottage

Storybook Style

Cotswold cottages, or ‘storybook style’ cottages, are typically one story homes that have a cozy, quaint, yet complex look. They typically have pseudo-thatch roofs, steep arch gables, and arched doorways. The Cotswold name is derived from the architecture style inherent to Cotswold, England. All of these features coalesce to create a quaint, organic feeling. Perfect for those who love nature and thoughtful architecture.

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